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Sell Your Gaming Materials

sell roleplaying games

We get a large portion of our inventory from customers who wish to unload their unwanted RPG materials. So if you’re wondering where to sell your gaming materials, we buy  lots of game systems, and we would be interested in looking at a list of whatever you have that you don’t want anymore. Send us an email with your list! Please include some general condition notes, and detail any damage or incomplete items.

What you get:
We can offer cash or store credit. If you have highly collectible or rare out-of-print materials, you may be able to make a nice wad of cash! At present, we are particularly interested in old board games from Games Workshop, Avalon Hill, GDW, Victory Games, and Yaquinto. But we’re glad to take a look at whatever you’ve got that you don’t want any more. We’ll find a good home for it!

Why sell to The Hero Factory?
Many people prefer to sell their entire collection to a single reliable dealer (us!), and pocket the cash or receive the trade materials almost immediately, with zero hassle. Successful online auctions take time and effort. If you want to sell your items on one of the online auction sites, you’ll have to deal with returns, complaints, deadbeats, delays, packing multiple orders, and lots of trips to the post office.

We love games. We understand how important they are to you, and how many amazing memories get created from playing games with your friends and family. We take great care with every game that comes our way, and we will find someone who will love it as much as you have.


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